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Chris Hipkins

Prime Minister of New Zealand

22 March 2023

Prime Minister Chris Hipkins was the speaker at our first breakfast for 2023.  We try to share the guest invitations around because demand was and often is so high.  Prime Minister Hipkins is very easy to listen to because he is comfortable with himself and with people.  He spoke about the government's priorities for the remainder of the Parliamentary Term and about democracy. That launched a project immediately after the Prime Minister's address with the colleges in the greater Wellington area on strengthening democracy which concludes in June at a breakfast involving Nicola Willis and some of those involved in leading the project as a panel for feedback.  Schools that make a special contribution to the project will meet with the speaker at Parliament and later the same day with the Prime Minister to explain their ideas.  This needs to be limited to about a dozen people.  The Rotary Club of Wellington are also supporting the project.
Our thanks to the Prime Minister for speaking at our first breakfast for 2023 and answering so many questions both from regular attendees, one or two of the diplomats and many of the college student leaders.

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